Last minute... Minister Bolat explained the number of exports: we have reached the highest exports of May in history.

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Trade Minister Ömer Bolat explained the number of foreign markets in May on TV. Bakan Bolat "İlk rekorumuzu şimdi açıklıyorum. Tarihin en yüksek Mayıs ayı ihracatını 2024 Mayıs ayında başardık. Yüzde 11.4'lük artışla 24.1 milyar dolara ulaştık. Bir yıl önce Mayıs'ta 21.6 milyar dolardaydık. Tarihin en yüksek Mayıs ayı ihracatına ulaşmış olduk. 2.5 milyar dolarlık artış başarılmış oldu" dedi.The continuation of the report

The declarations of Minister Bolat include:

We went back to Turkey in five percent of the world's economic growth, where exports decreased. The number of p>

growth days has been defined on Friday. According to the Turkish data, Turkey's economy grew by 5.7 per cent in the first quarter and recorded growth by 2 per cent in the first quarter. So we recorded growth for 15 years. The best thing is that 18-quarters of the top-up machine and engineering investments continue to increase. 5.7 percent of the total 1.6 is from outside trade. In this film, we increased our share when world exports were reduced. We went up from 1.02 percent to 1.08 percent. We increased from 1.25% to 1.29% in exports. p>

Haberin Devamı

İlk rekorumuzu şimdi açıklıyorum. In May 2024, we managed to export the highest month of history. We reached $24.1 billion by 11.4 percent. We had $21.6 billion in May a year ago. We've reached the highest of May in history. $2.5 billion has been successful. May 2024 was the highest monthly exporter in the century and 1207 months. Thank you very much for all our exporters to the TIME family. p>

260 billion in exported $100 million annually. We started with $255.4 billion a year. Geçen 5 ay içinde zorlu süreç vardı,kısa aylar,uzun tatiller vardı,son bir yıl içinde yüzde 2.3'lük artışla 260 milyar 100 milyon dolara ulaşmış bulunuyoruz. Over the last year, we have a net increase of $6 billion. That means $3.5 billion reduction. We managed to reduce the import of $30.6 billion from $34.1 billion. That's how our external trade openness is accelerated. In May, 50 percent of our foreign trade openings decreased and $6.5 billion delayed. p>

After this development, the import rate for exports has been rapidly increased. With a 15-point increase, 63.4 percent increase to 78.7 percent. In months, when we look here, we have made a lot of progress in the last month of August since March and May. Our growth in May is great. 2024'ün ilk 5 ayında ihracatımız yüzde 4.5 artarak yaklaşık 106.9 milyar dolara yükseldi. So in the first five months, we made a net 4.6 billion increase in exports. p>

The continuation of the message has been delayed by a monthly declaration of $9.2 billion in Italy for the first five months. 5 months decline in imports is $14.6 billion. The net increase in our exporter is $4.6 billion. We have saved a total of $19.2 billion. p>

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