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The first Rampa Summit test he tried on a track similar to that on the TCG Anadolus ship, which Baykar developed. When TB3 SIHA is served, the largest ship in Turkey will be able to remove the track from the TCG Anadolus ship. Vice President Sel çuk Bayraktar told me that the test was successfully completed with the "My name is TCG Anadolu... and there is no blue." p>

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Baykar has successfully developed a national and private armed aircraft Bayraktar TB3 test process. Our first flight is 100. By October 27, 2023, the first time Rampa Wake Test was completed by the holiday TB3. p>


Bayraktar TB3 S İHA, the Baykar flight education in Ke şan Province of Edirne, and the first time the test was conducted at the Test Centre. Keşan’da Bayraktar TB3’ün konuşlandırılacağı TCG Anadolu’nun güvertesindeki şartlar ile aynı özelliklerde inşa edilen pistte 12 derece eğime sahip bir rampa bulunuyor. The first time in the Rampa Rise Test, the Vajraktar TB3 SIHA tried to get out of the ramp four times, all the movements were successful. So the test campaign started before the ship left. p>

Status of Reporting The Bayraktar TB3.22 May 2024 aired from Tekirda ğ Harlu, which completed low-impact, medium-impact and high-impact performance and system identification tests at the Centre of Children's Education and Test. The first two platform launched a hand flight to Keshan and completed its suicide with Baykar Aircraft Training and Test Centre Edirne Keshan in Bayraktar TB3. The flag TB3 CLASS will continue on the trail of ramp specially prepared in Keshan for the next few tests.


Discard TB3 S İHA at total 395 hours in 43 minutes. The National SIHA, which took place on December 20, 2023, left 32 hours before the flight test was completed and traveled 5,700 km from the sky. p>

MILLI SIHA,MILLI KAMERA This is the first time you've ever seen a child. According to the world examples, ASELFLIR-500 Electro-Optical Exploration, Observation and Destination System Integration, which has the highest performance, has been performed.


Bayraktar TB3 SİHA,katlanabilen kanat yapısıyla TCG Anadolu gibi kısa pistli gemilerden kalkış ve iniş kabiliyetine sahip dünyadaki ilk silahlı insansız hava aracı olacak. President of the Baykar Management Board and Technology Leader Sel çuk Bayraktar explained that they planned to launch tests on TCG Anadolu ship in 2024 for Bayraktar TB3. The ability of the flag TB3 to have will also be an important innovation in this class because of the air traffic. The national IMO will also have the ability to communicate beyond the view, so it can be controlled from a very long distance. Thus, exploration, surveillance, intelligence and intelligence professionals carrying out their duties will have an impact on Turkey's extraordinary powers by combating overseas targets.

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All projects from the beginning to this day have been working with their sources in Baykar, 2003, and the GOD was working with all their resources.Since the beginning of the G process, 83 percent of all income has been exported. In 2021 and 2022, according to the Turkish Electoral Assembly, the defence and air transport sector was the leader of the Turkish Ministry of Transport. In 2023, Baykar announced that the sector was a exporting champion by the Ministry of Defence, exports of $1.8 billion last year. Over the last few years, Baykar made more than 90 percent of its income alone in the defence and air transport sector in 2023. A total of 97.5% of the world's largest SİHA exporter's agreements were signed under the auspices of Baykar. Bayraktar TB2 SİHA için 33 ülkeyle,Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA için ise şimdiye kadar 9 ülke ile olmak üzere toplam 34 ülkeyle ihracat anlaşması imzalandı.

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Officer Administration President Selfuk Bayraktar ise test sonucunu sosyal medya hesabından yaptığı paylaşım ile duyurdu. When he sent the flag, "My name is TCG-ANADOLU, and from there he shared the ramp-lift test. Name of TCG-ANADOLU,

Name of the same engine as TCG-ANADOLU,

🌊# BayraktarTB3 46. Test flight. 46th Flight Test. ✈️ ⚓ ● 🚀

✅ Rampa Rise Test. Ski-Jump Test 🌍🇹🇷

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