Stability in second-hand cars

MarketJun 4, 2024 IDOPRESS

In Izmir, the victim's holiday was 2. If the cost of the car falls, the galleries are officially picking up a muscle. While there is no movement in Egypt within the week, it is seen as if there were no air on the holiday, and the gallery of sales are increasing by percentage. Duration of message during the victim's holiday is less than 2 in Izmir Island. The sale of the tools was cut like a knife. Every day, thousands of people have visited the highway, no one has been there, no movement. While in the autocratic, it's like a Sunday show, the gallery of flies usually takes place in front of my panda and after the sale. p>


in the remaining toolbox stores are controlled by the vehicles, while the next day they buy tea. İzmir Otokent esnafı,satışların durmasını banka kredi faizlerine bağladı. "The creditors are not zero because they are high, we can't even sell the second hand. Today, the one who put $1 million into the bank will receive $40-50,000,000,can't get a call? Can't I?Do I guarantee that I'll sell the car tomorrow?No, but the bank's guarantee has a percentage. It doesn't matter if the victim's holiday arrives. It doesn't matter if the letter of this job is too short. We've reduced the price now.We dropped 3.5 million cars in 350,000 lira, and no one's looking again for a company that has zero 1 million 280,000 lira." Osman Dachman said he couldn't believe the image, saying he came to look for the tool. "If y o u take a 100 lira loan, you will pay 200 lira a loan. At this time, you only take a 200 lira loan. It's a zero car, the second hand market is standing on the bus. No income, no going away.price right now."

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